Insurance against unforeseen job loss

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  • The cost of insurance is 10,000 ₸
  • The MyIncome program is your protection against financial losses
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Why do clients choose us?

Reliable protection
A great way to maintain your usual lifestyle, protect your family budget and make your job search period as comfortable as possible.
A wide range of risks
The insurance program is specially designed for you, taking into account the most probable and frequent insured events.
Affordable price
We have set the most affordable price on the market for this product.
We pay up to 1,000,000 ₸
We are ready to support you for 2 months.
Payout within 10 days
An accelerated payment process and a minimum package of documents for payment.
A good business reputation
We value customer confidence and fully justify it.

Какие риски покрываем?

Liquidation of the organization
Non-attendance of an employee at work for more than two months in a row due to temporary incapacity for work
Inability to continue work for health reasons
Recognition of an employee as incapacitated
Reinstate a previous worker to your position
Staff reduction
In case of death of an employer - an individual
Employee's mismatches in position or work performed due to health condition
Reduction of the volume of production, works and services of the organization
Early termination of the powers of the TOP management or a member of a collegial body by decision of the founder or Shareholder

Your peace of mind is under our protection

Guaranteed coverage
in the amount of 2 average monthly salaries
Insurance payment
up to 1,000,000 Tenge
Financial support
during two months
Get a policy in 3 minutes

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