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  • MyBusiness is a comprehensive insurance program for small and medium-sized businesses against unexpected financial losses
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Why do clients choose us?

Exclusive product
An absolutely new and unique product in the Kazakhstan market.
Insurance solution of
Safety of equipment and machinery
Production downtime / interruption risks
Harm to third parties
Affordable price
Insurance premium from 8 500 tenge per month
The Limits
We offer a wide range of sum insured and a high insurance limit.
Payout within 10 days
An accelerated payment process and a minimum package of documents for payment.
A good business reputation
We value customer confidence and fully justify it.

What risks do we cover?

Movable / immovable property insurance against
Fire, explosion, falling aircraft debris, natural disasters and earthquake, flooding as a result of the failure of engineering systems (water supply, sewerage, etc.), burglary, robbery, vandalism.
Break/idle in production
The suspension of production activities as a result of the loss of movable and immovable property.
Employee insurance
An accident during working hours that resulted in permanent disability with the establishment of disability of group I, II, III, or the death of an employee.
Professional liability insurance
Compensation for damage caused to the life, health or property of third (3) persons as a result of the business activities of the organization
Civil liability insurance
Compensation for damage to life, health and (or) damage to the property of third parties resulting from the financial and economic activities of the company.

Your business is under our protection

Guaranteed property coverage
up to 30,000,000 ₸ for damaged property
Break/idle in production
up to 2,000,000 ₸ - payment for rent, for equipment, premises, or other damaged property, for a period of at least two months of break
Employee insurance
an employee can be insured up to ₸ 1,000,000
Professional / civil liability risk
up to 4,000,000 ₸ for harm caused to third parties
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Other useful information on MyBusiness program

  • For legal entities and individuals who want to protect their business (property, employees, liability for harm) from financial losses
  • The insurance coverage starts from the moment the insurance premium is paid
  • To conclude a contract, you need to fill out the form presented on the website
  • 1. Property insurance (real estate and movable property, including commercial and industrial premises, shops, administrative and office buildings, as well as production equipment, furniture, office equipment);
    2. Risks of unforeseen, unintentional, and accidental losses from financial and economic activities or changes in the conditions of financial and economic activities due to circumstances beyond the control of the Insured;
    3. Insurance of employees against accidents (covers death, disability groups I, II, III);
    4. Professional liability insurance;
    5. Insurance of general liability for harm to third parties.
  • All payments are made in the amount of real damage, but not more than the specified insured sums.
  • The insurer pays the insurance indemnity within 10 working days after the decision on the insurance indemnity has been made.
  • When filling out the questionnaire and paying the cost of insurance, the contract will be generated automatically and will be shown in your personal account, and will also be sent to your email address.
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